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All about words



Lonely Starbucks Lovers

Posted by nancyfreund11 on October 22, 2016 at 5:25 AM

Cute but psycho.”

I’m not a girl -- sad fact, smack in the face. I’m certainly no longer a girl. I’m 50! I’m certainly not a Chelsea girl, where I shot this picture on King’s Road. But the point is I’m not a girl of today, evidently I do not relate to girls of today, I do not get girls of today. I’m a boy mom. God help the boys, if this is what they’re in for with future partners, female colleagues, girlfriends, wives. Is this t-shirt a warning or an ad?

And what boy (in his right mind!) would be enticed by it?

I’m thinking of Taylor Swift’s "Blank Space." Took me a while to be convinced her line wasn’t about “lonely Starbucks lovers,” poetry that spoke to my soul. No. She’s “got a long list of ex-lovers. They’ll tell you I’m insane.” Again – precautionary message or encouragement? Well, she’s got legs a mile long and fabulous red lipstick. Horses. A mansion. It’s obviously an ad. Be with me, it’ll be worth the pain.

Ah, my boys, it’s NOT. It’s so not worth the pain! You deserve better. You will discover better. You ARE better than this. Choose wisely.

And just to prove that silly t-shirt realization wrong, let me tell you I DO get girls. Every SINGLE girl my boys bring home, girls from their schools, and girls that I’ve taught and girls that I meet, daughters of my friends, from a whole lot of countries... they are incredible, smart, beautiful, young women. They are committed and creative and courageous and awesome. They encourage their classmates --  girls and boys equally. They run websites and businesses, they get top grades, and they take themselves seriously. They take care of each other.  They take the train to the UN in Geneva all by themselves, and they speak numerous languages. They recycle. They show respect.  They work with refugees.  They hug each other after they’ve been apart, and they squeal like teenage girls do. They deliver speeches. They surf. They prioritize. They play guitar, plucking out Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” after only five minutes of experimenting with it on YouTube. They ask questions and have conversations. They care. They get to the truth of a matter. They paint. They write film reviews. They give gifts. They give feedback. They meet deadlines. They dance, they sing, they play in bands. They speak up. They speak Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. Swedish. Tagalog. Italian. Two kinds of German. Swahili and French. They have boyfriends. They don’t have boyfriends. They have girlfriends. They bake. They follow recipes, they don’t follow recipes. They apologize. They take care of babies. They take the bus. They ride bikes. They ride horses.  They swim. They play football.  They audition. They work with AIDS orphans in Africa. They can fly absolutely anywhere and get a job done. They build houses in Cambodia. They earn money. They earn grades. They try.  They wear lipstick. Red lipstick. No lipstick. No make-up. They challenge convention.  They are adorable and sane. These girls make me proud to be female, these girls of today.

 Also! This is kinda catchy.  :P


Categories: marriage, parenting & family, gender, girl power

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