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Writer, Reader, Reviewer


About the author

Brief bio -- August, 2020

An American-Brit in Switzerland, Nancy Freund has published two novels, Rapeseed and Mailbox, and pieces in Necessary Fiction (US), The Ham (UK), Istanbul Review, (Turkey), Lakeview International Journal, (India), BloodLotus, (US), Offshoots (Switzerland), the Sirenuse Journal (Italy), the London Independent Story Prize (UK), and Largehearted Boy (US). She earned her BA in English/ Creative Writing and M.Ed. from UCLA and has just turned in her dissertation to complete her MSt, aka MFA, in Creative Writing at Cambridge, UK.

Bigger Bio -- from five years ago with new publications added over time

Nancy Freund writes poetry, essays, and long and short fiction. She is is also an editor, speaker, prior English teacher, and mentor. Born in New York, raised in Kansas City, and educated in Los Angeles, she was married in England, and today lives in French-speaking Switzerland. She is the author of Foreword Reviews finalist for Book of the Year in General Fiction and Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Prize 'Rapeseed,' (Gobreau Press, 2013) 'Global Home Cooking: International Families' Favorite Recipes' which earned the Eric Hoffer Prize Honorable Mention (2014), and 'Mailbox: A Scattershot Novel of Racing, Dares and Danger, Occasional Nakedness, and Faith' (2015),which earned Writer's Digest Honorable Mention in Middle-Grade/Young Adult and Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB finalist recognition for Young Adult, as well as the indieBRAG medallion. Her novel 'Effort of Will' is forthcoming. Her writing has appeared in The Istanbul Review, Blood Lotus Journal, Offshoots, The Daily Mail, Female First, Lakeview International Journal of Literature and the Arts, The Ham Free Press, Strands, The Sirenuse Journal, The Woolf, London Indpependent Story Prize, and togetherjournal. Her radio interviews have aired on BBC London, World Radio Switzerland, and Talk Radio Europe. In September 2012, Nancy was writer-in-residence for webjournal Necessary Fiction. Her short story 'Marcus' won the Geneva Writers' first fiction prize, selected by American novelist Bret Lott in June, 2013. She co-founded the Lavaux Literary Salon, serving readers, writers and artists representing 11 countries, and she is active in Community Literacy projects for teens and adults. She holds a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and an M.Ed. from UCLA. She is now comopleting her MSt (MFA) in Creative Writing at Cambridge University, UK. 

That was the formal...

Now here's some fun stuff not everybody knows

Nancy Freund began writing at age 9, with dystopian novel 'The Orange Invasion', hand-written on orange note paper and subsequently lost forever. She then planned to become the first female goalie for the National Hockey League (age 10), owner of Barkadia Dog Hotel, (age 11), an English teacher, and the bareback rider of Warpaint, the Kansas City Chiefs' touchdown celebration horse. In the end, the horses and hockey skates were relegated to nostalgia. But she did enjoy several years teaching English, Reading, and Journalism at Whittier High School, east of Los Angeles. Today she works with Tanzanian scholars in Switzerland in International Baccalaureate language support. Her first foreign "pen pals" found through Rotary International were kids in India, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, and Nancy spent much of high school exchanging letters with foreign friends, one of whom became her husband. When she later worked in direct mail marketing as a list broker, she realized a sort of direct mail campaign could be credited for her marriage, (now 28 years in). Primitive social media -- with postage stamps.