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All about words


Offshoots 12: Reflections

Stay tuned... Of the two poems I had published in the Geneva Writers Group's 20th Anniversary edition, (June, 2013), I was invited to read one at the US Mission, and my dear friend Maryann got the special event recorded on video. Everyone gets a few truly brilliant, sparkling opportunities in life, and this was definitely one of them. You'll see why.

Poem reading on video

(click here to watch)

'Filters' by Nancy Freund

I was very pleased to have two poems included in the inaugural issue (Summer 2012) of The Istanbul Review: The State of Literature. Other writers featured in this beautiful literary magazine include Elif Shafak, Sir Terry Pratchett, Paulo Coelho, Gerhard Schroder, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, among many other distinguished contributors.

Lovely online literary magazine, BloodLotus Journal, published my poem "Galactic Tamale" in issue number twenty, page thirty-three. Click to the left to check it out.