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All about words

This is Now

Publishing Industry: This Is Now

The publishing industry is in transition, big time. You surely don't need me to blather on about digital publishing and POD technologies changing the way books are created and delivered. You don't need me to wave a now faded flag about bricks-and-mortar shops giving way to online sales. That's all old news. This morning's news is outdated by lunchtime. So here's what I can offer... links to some fabulous folks who really have their fingers on the elusive pulse of the changing industry. These are exciting times in the book biz, whether you're a writer with amazingly easy access to readers or a smart, creative publisher finding new opportunities to get good books to grateful people.  

Micropress lessons from the inimitable Roxane Gay of Tiny Hardcore Press.

Lessons I’ve Learned Starting a Micropress | HTMLGIANT